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We can help boost your chances for job and immigration in Germany

German economy faces significant shortages in qualified employees. More than 55 thousand open positions for engineers and 65 thousand for IT experts. All that you need to immigrate to Germany is an employment agreement with a minimum annual salary of 40,560 euro.

With our presence in Germany through International HuMan Power, we are specialized in recruiting Engineers and IT experts from Jordan and the Middle East in Germany. We will support you to get a suitable job and immigrate to Germany.

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Our special offer to you includes

Translate your CV into the German language. 

Customize your CV based on German company’s requirements.

Market your CV to German Companies for one month:
• Send your CV to suitable German companies
• Publish your CV on our German Career Webpage
• Publish your profile on our Social Media  in Germany (if required)


35% discount, first 99 applicants pays only 99 JD.

Once you get your employment agreement,
the paid amount will be deducted from the service fees 

How it works

Send us email with your CV to
(we will send you all requirements)


1. Create a job profile on the applicant portal (for free)
and check the boost your career service in the last step

2. Upload your CV using our templates to your profile

3. You will receive a confirmation email and invoice

4. Once we receive your payment (Bank transfer), 
we will translate your CV and send you copy

5. we start marketing your CV